Thursday, March 4, 2010

When a Picture (Plus Six Words) Is Worth Way More Than Anything I Could Write


From Be Good Johnny Weir, Episode 105. Johnny is, of course, referring to ... his flu shot. Goodness, what did you think he meant?

Special thanks to ProgGrrl, and to the wonderful person who made this image.

Now I need someone to please make a .gif of him at the end of Episode 104, when he confides, “Now that I live alone, I see that I’m good when I’m alone. I see that I can do all kinds of things by myself. Sex included.” The look on his face is just priceless.

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Maggie St. said...

Oh Johnny, I love your dirty little mind! His smirk at the end simply makes me crack up. ;)

ann foxlee said...

My friend and I fell off the couch, onto the floor laughing when he said that (about the flu shot) and then gave that sly look at the camera!! I still completely crack up every time I see it!
Thanks for that image :-))))))

Moe said...

You know what? Whenever I watched this on Monday night, I didn't even catch his little smirk at the end of this comment. Wow, just watching that makes me laugh. I can't watch it for too long though because it starts to make me blush.

Anonymous said...

He really is great. In Germany, we are saying:
"Ein Schelm der sich Böses dabei denkt" as in

"An imp who thinks something bad to it"

I hope I translated it correctly.

Lauren / Ren said...

The things you do to/that make me smile :)

WheresMyKoppy said...

The expression on his face in both this one and the ep 104 expression are both priceless! He is SUCH a trip! So funny, love you JOhnny! You also, MM!