Sunday, March 7, 2010

Today's Sermon: The Glittery Ways of God

Disclaimer: The following represents my personal beliefs and opinions only. Please feel free to to disagree--courteously and wittily, of course. Any preachiness, dogmatism, presence of purity rings, or other total turn-offs to Christianity, whether implied or expressed, are completely unintentional and mean I've missed the mark. Void where prohibited. Your results may vary.

Maggie Strasser: Hey Johnny! I don't follow figure skating at all. Had the TV on the Olympics while I played computer games. Watched here and there when suddenly this gorgeous man in a tight black-and-pink corset outfit glided onto the ice.
     In a heartbeat I was hooked, and I simply had to find out who this person was and I wanted to know ... everything about him.
     I am thankful that my God works in strange, mysterious, and glittery ways, and made me look up at the TV just then.

My God works that way, too.

I am a devout Christian--though not in a crazed, legalistic, right-wing fundamentalist sort of way. (Also, I don't attend any worship services. Because my desire is to make every moment of my life an act of worship, not just an hour on Sunday--no offense intended to those who do attend services!) But I've been there, in what I believe are the darker corners of Christianity, where not love but fear--of displeasing God, of anything less than rigid adherence to regulation, and especially of anyone who is different--rules the day. With an iron fist.

For a long time in those dark places, I was taught, and I believed, that in order for others to see Christ in me, I had to disappear--to be very nearly invisible, so that no "me-ness" got in the way of Christ-likeness.

And so I did that.

Then God showed me something I had never seen before.

I saw Johnny Weir skate.

I’m an ice skater. I’m all about the glitter.
--Johnny Weir, Vanity Fair, 03/01/2010

And I realized three things:

(1) I had it backwards--or maybe inside out. It's not by me being invisible that Christ is most able to express His indwelling presence in me. It's by me being fully and uniquely myself, the person who God made me to be.

God expresses His infinite creativity through the infinite diversity of His children. I am the only me He made. Only I am the second child of my particular set of parents, whom God chose for me; only I have the precise genetic makeup God also chose for me; only I have the particular gifts and talents, shaped by His design and the experiences He has given me, through which God can express those things He chooses to express uniquely through me.

Only by being who I am--by fully embodying all that He has given me and all that He has created me to be--can Christ's light shine most clearly through me.

(2) When Johnny skates, he fully embodies who he was made to be. All the torturously hard work and sacrifice that he pours into his art; the choices of the music, the costume, the choreography; every movement of his body; every emotion on his face: all these create something that is far Greater than the sum of the parts.

When Johnny skates, he is beauty and light and love in motion.

(3) I want my life to be as beautiful to God as Johnny's skating is.

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Coming Monday!
The conclusion of "Fallen: Under the Sparkly Spell of Johnny Weir"


Anonymous said...

Really great written, and very true.
*applauds you*

Anonymous said...


auntyamyj said...

Well, Johnny did have a long program where he portrayed Jesus ya know.... Jesus in VELVET! Very beautifully written and expressed. I think I could spend every Sunday morning reflecting on being "true to myself and how I was created". The Sunday mornings of my youth were spent sitting quietly, somberly and in just a little bit of fear of not being accepted by my fellow worshipers... When really all I wanted to do was go and play dress up and be free. Sunday afternoons and wednesday evenings were the same. Hah, it's all making sense now...... Thank you , Miz Mimes, and Thank you Johnny Weir!

Maggie St. said...

Oh, I wish I had written this! a way, I guess I did. Happy to be a muse for this piece!

We all can only strive to each be the best US that we can be.

and I guess that even "old dogs" can still learn new lessons from the Youngs Ones.

Thank you Johnny!
Thank you G-d!

Misfit Mimes said...

TY all for the blog love! I really appreciate your taking the time to comment and share your thoughts, many of which are very kind and/or crack me up. Aunty Aim, I'm there with you on the Sundays and the Wednesdays and yada yada yada (though I was an ADULT--what was I thinking...?) And yes, Maggie, thank you for the inspiration--your Facebook post resonated so deeply with me :).

Luna said...

Great post! That last line really struck a chord. I'm going to say that as my mantra whenever I'm a little down and wavering.