Friday, March 12, 2010

Petition Update: Umm, Why Would Johnny WANT to Skate for Stars on Ice?

Just my opinion, for what it's worth, no warranties either expressed or implied, and all other disclaimers yada yada yada:

To those who are asking, "Yuck! Why would Johnny even WANT to skate for Stars on Ice?" I feel compelled to say: Good point.

However, this is my understanding: Johnny REALLY has wanted to do SOI because it's the best way for him to earn money in the off-season to help his family; he'd be doing something he loves, unfettered by blind, bean-counting judges; and he'd be doing it in his own country (he loves his international fans, but it would be nice to not have to travel so far for an appreciative audience). It has been reported that he's paying for his brother's college education and also helps out his parents; his dad's on disability.

And it is my impression (based on covert intelligence-gathering secret ops involving trusted sources and dark Internet alleyways) that ALL THE OTHER SPONSORS of SOI want him too. It is also my understanding (please don't nail me to the wall or ask me to produce affidavits--but do know that there is basis to the whispers and rumors) that there's just one holdout.

Apparently this mess actually began back in 2008 when Johnny had just won a medal at Worlds--the only American to do so in two years. Stars on Ice posted a poll on their website: "Who would you most like to see on SOI?" Johnny won by an incredible landslide, the poll was promptly removed from the site, and when an explanation was demanded, the "not family-friendly" comment was the response posted on the SOI message board. I do not have a hard copy of that post, but there are plenty of witnesses to it.

Fast-forward to 2010 and the incredible outpouring of fan support worldwide for Johnny after the travesty of the Olympic judging. Suddenly all the other SOI sponsors are standing around, shifting their feet uncomfortably and muttering to each other, "Geez, that kid's a GOLD MINE waiting to happen to SOI...." (which, it's rumored, has been hemorrhaging money. I've been told that they had to cancel something like 20 of 40 tour dates in recent years, and even those dates play to half-empty arenas).

The other sponsors' eyes dart nervously to the big(oted) kid whose mouth is smeared with jam--but still he just won't budge...

I believe (again, my blog, just my opinions, based on some ... stuff... here and there) that the other sponsors may be hoping that outside pressure might make a difference.

For Johnny, even if it doesn't, the enormous amount of publicity might entice another corporation to underwrite his own tour--which would kill SOI completely.

To which I say, "Yay!"

Anybody got Ben and Jerry's number handy?

To show your support for Johnny Weir and his family,
please sign this petition! Let's call out the sponsor of the
Stars on Ice tour who won't invite Johnny
because he's not "family friendly"(?)
More info here, here, here, here, herehere,
and pretty much everywhere!

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Moe said...

Or Welch's maybe? Or we could go with a peanut butter brand..Jiffy? or Peter Pan? LOL

Anonymous said...

That´s a great picture you have choosen for this entry because it shows what joy figure skating
can be. That is what stuck out to me with this particular performance at the Olympics this year.
Look at it, he is having fun. It transports.

Great entry as well as is your open letter to Johnny´s mother.


Misfit Mimes said...

Thank you, germansoulmate! Happy to have you on board!