Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Be Happy Johnny Weir

Late yesterday after-
noon, Johnny Weir issued a statement that he is withdrawing from the World Champion-
ships scheduled for later this month in Torino, Italy.

Before the collective wail of his fans had even finished echoing around the Web, the parsing of his statement began.

Most of us are looking for crumbs that suggest he is not yet retiring--especially those of us who came a little late to the party and still have lots of glitter left in the now slightly sad and crumpled-looking bags we are clutching to our chests.

And so we are finding some hope in this part of the statement:

I can assure everyone that I will be re-energized after I’ve had time to rework my technique. I want to be a better competitor and win medals for my country and I hope everyone can respect my decision to take this time off. ... I want my fans to know that I love them and I work every day to make them proud. I will continue to work hard and I hope my work for next season will be the most exciting of my career.

"Rework my technique!" "Win medals!" "Next season!" Is it legal to use all those words together in a paragraph like that? Because those are words that are going to snuggle next to my heart and keep me safe and warm during the long, dreary, Johnny-less days and nights until the 2010-2011 competition season begins ...

So I'm still absorbing the news, but that makes me feel a little less like my world just tilted WAY off its axis. And bottom line: Only Johnny knows what's right for him in his life. I'm just along for the [crazy glittery pinnacle-to-nadir-to-pinnacle-again-in-60-seconds-or-less whirlwind] ride that is Johnny Weir.

And the bottom line: Be Happy Johnny Weir.

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Moe said...

When I saw this post on the FB fan page, I was literally holding my breath until I saw the the sparkly tidbit wouldn't be revealed until the next blog post! Whew! I guess I can wipe my brow on that one...I just want to be awake and alert to see how everyone will react to the news. I plan on taking the lappy with me to class tomorrow so I can keep watch over the page. As far as his statement is concerned, I am in denial that this was his last season and that he will retire. Someone just recently posted an article from Yahoo! News that Stephane Lambiel is retiring, but honestly I am holding out hope that Johnny has at least ONE more season in him. If not for the medals, for his fans. To see him in all his sparkly, glittery, fabulosity ONE last time!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, it is good news for Johnny, good sparkly news. Thanks for posting that.
I feel somewhat comforted now.